Door & Window Casings

Captivating and attention drawing, the addition of door or window casing can provide you with an aesthetic and complementary feature to your home. With wide ranging styles suiting various design profiles and tastes we can offer our customers an extensive means of home improvement.
When used in co-ordination with molding, baseboard and trim work our expertly installed casings will demand attention and increase perceived dimensions within your home. We offer our customers a broad spectrum of choice along with assured quality of product and installation.

With a superior choice of wood casings and door framework you can be assured that our installation will accommodate your design and style preference. Our MDF and HDF casing allows for an inexpensive means of completing trim work throughout your home.

The application of fitting casings can greatly define a room if installing in conjunction with trim, molding and baseboards. We offer you a varied choice of material and style in order to satisfy your casing needs and to accommodate any profiles and ideas you have in mind.

View Our Wood and MDF Casing Products Line:

MDF Colonial Casing
3/4'' x 3''

MDF Colonial Casing
1'' x 3-1/2''

MDF Tudor Casing
3/4'' x 2-3/4''

MDF Step Casing
11/16'' x 3-1/2''

MDF Colonial Backband Casing 1'' x 3''

MDF Backband Casing
1-1/8'' x 3-1/2''

MDF Victorian Casing
1-11/16'' x 3-1/4''

MDF Victorian Casing
3/4'' x 3-7/8''
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Door & Window Casings Installation
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