Chair Rails

A chair rail is a great way of adding class and interest to a room, once installed it can provide any room with a sense of elegance and works wonderfully with other molding.
Chair rail is a horizontal molding usually installed at around 3 feet in height. It serves both in the protection of the wall from furniture damage and as an aesthetic bonus to a room as a finishing piece. Largely adopted as a means of altering the visual scale of a wall, chair rails also bring taste and definition to the household.
Often used in conjunction with wainscoting a chair rail acts as a decorative accompaniment to molding, trim and other wall adornment. Made in Toronto our Canadian chair rails are affordable to buy and made with a high degree of craftsmanship ensuring a long lasting and stylish installation and finish.

The addition of a chair rail is highly effective in reducing the perceived scale of a large wall but also produces dimension and contrast on any size of wall. A chair rail runs horizontally and therefore ties in easily with paneling and molding.
Our chair rails are manufactured to a high standard and installed with experience and knowledge. Available in a wide selection of finishes and colors our chair rails are an extremely affordable decorative addition to basic walls and staircases.

View Our Chair Rails Products Line:

Poplar Chair Rail
11/16'' x 3''

Poplar Panel Mould
3/4'' x 1-3/4''

Poplar Panel Mould
3/4'' x 1-5/8''

Clear Pine Chair Rail
11/16'' x 1-3/4''

MDF Chair Rail
5/8'' x 2-1/2''

MDF Chair Rail
9/16'' x 1-3/4''

MDF Chair Rail
1-1/8'' x 3-3/16''
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